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Detour Before Dark - Northern California Travel, Food and Culture Series 

Detour Before Dark: Enjoying Gordian knots at Yianni’s Greek Dine

Detour Before Dark: Drinking Scotch at the Imperial with the Mother Lode Scots

Detour Before Dark: Falling under ‘South’s’ deep spell of comfort

Detour Before Dark: The Boxing Donkey’s Luck of the Neighborhood Irish Pub. 

Detour Before Dark: Jazz Night at Aioli Bodega Espanola

Detour Before Dark: Carnivore Indominus at The Buckhorn Steakhouse

Detour Before Dark: Tipping glasses at Old Sugar Mill

Detour Before Dark: A true homecoming at de Vere’s Irish Pub

Detour Before Dark: the Boxing Donkey's luck of the neighborhood Irish pub

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